Release Date: 7th June 2013
Catalogue Number: GBM013
Genre: Soulful House / Deep House



Grooveboy Music get the summer party season into full swing with this release. Miss Luna & Dj Skatie – Nothing Can Hurt You Now has all the ingredients to make it a beach bar anthem. The original mix is a classy piece of smooth Soulful House while The Sunchasers and Grooveboy remixes take the energy levels up a notch while still keeping the tunes positive summery vibes.

DJ\Producer and star of Ibiza Global Radio Miss Luna teams up with Dj Skatie to bring you an original mix that is packed full of warm soulful summer grooves. Deep percussive beats provide a solid platform for some warm pads, mellow piano and a jazzy trumpet all the while the vocalist assures us that “nothing can hurt you now” with such conviction that you just have to believe it.

The Sunchasers AKA Scottish DJ/Producer Scott Watson takes a stripped approach to his remix and turns in a super cool Deep House master class. Solid four to the floor beats combine beautifully with some funky guitar licks, smooth pads, and a catchy synth riff to create a track that is guaranteed to keep the feet moving.

Grooveboy’s remix cranks the energy levels a bit and ads some hands in the air moments for their remix. Conga driven percussion merges effortlessly with a disco bass line, dramatic synth stabs, and a Balearic style riff to push the tunes positive message to the fore.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Louis Benedetti
Affillitations: SoulShine Recordings
Favourite Mix: Original.
Comments: Nice package. Thanks!!

DJ Name: Benji Candelario
Affillitations: World
Favourite Mix: original
Comments: good tune

DJ Name: Mygaff
Affillitations: Mygaff Radio Show
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy
Comments: Loving the laid back vibes on the grooveboy mix… Also Sunchasers mix aint bad either.

DJ Name: DJ LDuB
Affillitations: Lady Mary Sound Int., & Salt Shaker Records
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: I like all three versions, but if I had to make a choice in order, it would be Grooveboy, Original, then Sunchaser. I think this is a great track that will get mass play and great reviews from the audience and industry.

DJ Name: patrick bo
Affillitations: waking monster, soul45
Favourite Mix: original mix
Comments: dig the original! infectious grooves * sunchaser mix is as dope as the grooveboy mix is sweet * nice package!

DJ Name: Malc East
Affillitations: Phunky Rabbit Records/Placidic Dream
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Lovely package. Feeling all the tracks but the Grooveboy Mix just gets it for me. Incredible vocals from Miss Luna. Keep up the great work guys.

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affillitations: pressure radio
Favourite Mix: original mix
Comments: so soulful

DJ Name: Shane Johnson
Affillitations: Red FM
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy
Comments: Nice production

DJ Name: Incognito
Affillitations: none
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: cool stuff….go ahead !

DJ Name: Edground
Affillitations: BSC / Grooveland Music
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: This is DOPE !!!

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affillitations: JJazproJect, Indamixworldwide & Pure Rhythm Radio (UK)
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Excellent, all three mixes sound great. The Grooveboy Mix probably suits me best but I could use them all

DJ Name: DJ Greg G Anderson
Affillitations: Deepvibes Radio/ London, ChillOut Radio / S.Africa, Maluti Deep House Session / NYC, House Nation Radio / S France, Philly Nites Radio/ Philadelphia
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Well rounded piece of music, Great hook…Miss Luna and DJ Skatie sure to turn some heads 🙂

DJ Name: Frankie Vibe
Affillitations: Salt Shaker Music Group
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Loving the guitar on the Grooveboy mix, solid vocal as well. Bring on the groove with a this release!

DJ Name: Vital Mining
Affillitations:, Play Dublin
Favourite Mix: Sunchasers
Comments: Sunchasers has most interest for me, like the sound choices best. Progression and swell of the pads real nice. Grooveboy mix v nice too mind you, loungey, lovely bass line. Can hear a theme emerging between Sunchasers v Grooveboy sound in general. For personal tastes, be great to hear what else comes out of the Sunchasers pool..

DJ Name: Ndela’Lekamito
Affillitations: …..
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: good music indeed

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Grooveboy mix does it for me on this one…lush

DJ Name: Vincent Kwok
Affillitations: eight-fifteen records
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice cool vibes, definitely for an outdoor party

DJ Name: Juan Sunshine (MoD)
Affillitations: MoD Rec
Favourite Mix: The Sunchasers
Comments: Nice track

DJ Name: Sammy Rock
Affillitations: Cyberjamz Radio
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Lovely vocal release right on time for the Summer.Just wonderful !

DJ Name: dj Pippi
Affillitations: Sirocco
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Cool Classic Mix

DJ Name: Craig Stewart
Affillitations: Montana & Stewart (Universe Media & DCSTrax)
Favourite Mix: The Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Sunchaser jam is very serious sheeet indeed for the floor, Grooveboy jam also cool.

DJ Name: Robert Owens
Affillitations: world
Favourite Mix: the sunchasers mix
Comments: great track

DJ Name: Spiritual Blessings
Affillitations: GKF Records/SsRadio Uk/Motion FM
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: It sounds very nice in all mixes. Hard to pick up the best. Will play all!!! Thanks.

DJ Name: Scott Whichello
Affillitations: Soulful Evolution
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Another top production! Love the Grooveboy Mix! Full support on Soulful Evolution!!!

DJ Name: Fabio Tosti
Affillitations: –
Favourite Mix: The Sunchasers mix
Comments: nice pack support

DJ Name: Mike Fossati
Affillitations: Spirit of House
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Marvelous upliting rework oozing with a delectable soul/funk inspired vibe you can’t resist to dance to.

DJ Name: Big Logan
Affillitations: Aqua Sol recordings,,,
Favourite Mix: Feeling the Sunchaser mix, this is a hot release. congrats Grooveboy, you done it again. Full support on this one.
Comments: Congrats Grooveboy, you done it again. Full support on this one.Feeling the Sunchasers mix. hotttttt.

DJ Name: marq walsh
Affillitations: red fm
Favourite Mix: Sunchasers
Comments: Solid mixes here will be playing these

DJ Name: J&M Brothers
Affillitations: Salted Music,Perception Music.
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Massive support.

DJ Name: Ed Marco
Affillitations: Fiasco Events / CHFM
Favourite Mix: Sunchasers & Grooveboy
Comments: Lovely track, great Remixes. Sunchasers mix will fit nicely into my sets but loving the Grooveboy mix too.

DJ Name: LooweeR
Email: [email protected]
Affillitations: Dj Producer Remixer Artist
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: this is a great track, though grooveboy mix is my favourite, all mixes are well done.

DJ Name: Miloe
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: 3 fantastic mixes for a track that is rally understated but in my opinion is going to do big things on the internet radio circuit & on dancefloors.

DJ Name: Jon Pierce
Affillitations: RTE Pulse
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Great 3 mix pack – happy sunny summer vibes 🙂

DJ Name: Mike Dominico
Affillitations: Muted Trax
Favourite Mix: Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Nice groove!

DJ Name: Doc Link
Affillitations: Liberate Recordings/Dub Kollectiv/ Modulate Gpes Digital
Favourite Mix: The Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Solid release all around!! Sunchasers is the one for me!!