Release Date: 13th November 2013
Catalogue Number: GBM018
Genre: House / Deep House



Next up on Grooveboy Music “Someone Else’s Ground” comes from Spanish based DJ\Producer Domscott and features the heavenly vocals of US jazz\soul singer Elle Marchelle. The release has three quality mixes which will leave you spoiled for choice.

The original and Max Riolo mixes are potential beach bar anthems while Grooveboy’s mix has its sights firmly fixed on the dance floor.

Domscott’s original mix is a classy deep soulful groover that draws you in and takes your mind to a place that’s warm and sunny. The track glides effortlessly over Latin fused rhythms, deep pads and keys and some delicious jazz influenced trumpet and guitar licks.

Grooveboy turn up the heat with their remix. It brings the energy levels up a bit while still retaining the smooth deep soulful vibe of the original. Conga driven percussion and rolling bassline lock you in the groove while an African style chant serves as a sublime backdrop to Elle Marchelle’s breathtakingly soulful vocal.

Italian DJ\Producer Max Riolo’s interpretation is a master class in smooth deep house. It uses key elements of the original and subtly adds deep percussive beats and a funk infused bassline to take you on a mesmerising journey.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Edground
Affiliations: Grooveland Music / Brazilian Soul Crew
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: As always a great release. Nice vox and groove.

DJ Name: Matt Correa
Affiliations: Guerrilla Records / Free Radio Show
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: I will try out! Thanks a lot!

DJ Name: Evan Landes
Affiliations: Groove Junkies
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice and deep. Lovely vocal. Thanks!

DJ Name: DJHousecat
Affiliations: Cyberjamz Radio
Favorite Mix: Max Riolo Remix
Comments: OOh all of these remixes will get major play in my sets!

DJ Name: DaSouL
Affiliations: Humans Beat
Favorite Mix: original
Comments: Very nice mixes, love it.

DJ Name: Dj Alexia
Affiliations: supperclub, radio
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice and smooth full support! Thanks, DjAlexia.

DJ Name: Si Gordon
Affiliations: Stereo Mutants / Mutated Music
Favorite Mix: Max Riolo
Comments: All mixes are great, but Max’s tips it cheers.. nice deep vibes.

DJ Name: Lorenzo al Dino
Affiliations: Royal Plastic, Jockey Club Ibiza, Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, El Paradiso St. Moritz, Giardino Mountain St. Moritz, Lust & Leben Magazin ;
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: well done, smooth and still kickin ! Full support !

DJ Name: J&M Brothers
Affiliations: Good Stuff Recordings
Favorite Mix: original mix
Comments: nice vocal

DJ Name: Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart)
Affiliations: Universe Media & DCSTrax
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Superb three tracker, stunning deepness on all jams! – perfect to set the mood

DJ Name: Miss Luna
Affiliations: Ibiza Live Radio – Miss Luna Music
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Balearic Mix
Comments: All mixes are great…..super package

DJ Name: JP Chronic
Affiliations: dj, producer
Favorite Mix: original
Comments: diggin this sunset vibe, will play

DJ Name: Freddy Turner
Affiliations: international
Favorite Mix: original
Comments: really nice all the mixes… and beautiful voice of Elle… it sounds very african to me…hooootttt

DJ Name: Pierre Ravan
Affiliations: PACHA Dubai
Favorite Mix: original
Comments: Full support on rooftop

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affiliations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favorite Mix: Max Riolo Remix
Comments: Lovely smooth soulful grooves with the sweetest vocals. All three mixes do the business nicely.

DJ Name: Scott Whichello- Soulful Evolution
Affiliations: Soulful Evolution
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Excellent!

DJ Name: Sammy Rock
Affiliations: Cyberjamz Radio
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Deep and sensual vocal piece with all the right elements for dancing.Quality Release !

DJ Name: Marques Wyatt
Affiliations: Deep
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Balearic Mix
Comments: Tight

DJ Name: Big Logan
Affiliations: Aqua Sol recordings,,,
Favorite Mix: Loving the Max mix
Comments: Domscott ft. Elle Marchelle, Hot release by Grooveboy Music, smooth vocals layered over pulsating rhythms. Loving this release Big Logan(Jersey Soul)

DJ Name: DJG
Affiliations: House of Praise, DJG in the Mix,
Favorite Mix: Orginal
Comments: Grooveboy Music keeps giving me so many hot tunes helps make my job easy with all this goodness

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affiliations: DJ – Producer – Percussionist – Artist
Favorite Mix: Max Riolo
Comments: Lovin the Sultry vocals… good blend of instruments…..

DJ Name: Mike Fossati
Affiliations: Spirit of House
Favorite Mix: Max Riolo Mix
Comments: An uber cool truly sexy slice of soulful house oozing with a delectable touch of deepness…

DJ Name: dj Pippi
Affiliations: Ibiza /Aluminium Records
Favorite Mix: Max Riolo
Comments: Cool Deep Stuff

DJ Name: Alan O’ Malley
Affiliations: RTE Pulse
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Another superb release from you guys, can’t wait to playlist!!

DJ Name: Kev Kruz
Affiliations: Iklwa Bros.
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Very Nice Mixes- All Of Them Are On Point!

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affiliations: Rapture Trax
Favorite Mix: max riolo
Comments: dope love it

DJ Name: HUGO H.
Affiliations: Sirius/XM – DHS Chicago (Resident Music Provider)
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Orig. Mix is killer….(But I’m rockin’ all 3!!) Support!