Release Date: 8th September 2014
Catalogue Number: GBM026
Genre: Deep House / Soulful House



Grooveboy Music continues their recent run of summer inspired tunes that are aimed at the seasons beach and poolside parties. Live Live ft. Girma – Around & Above features an irresistibly catchy vocal that you just cannot get out of your head after only a few listens.

On the original and extended mixes Girma’s soaring soulful vocal takes centre stage perfectly supported by a backing track of funky broken beats and bass, jazzy rhodes. lush pads, and swirling arps.

The Grooveboy smooth disco style remix is a more dancefloor orientated affair that also pushes those vocals to the fore. The track is built around a chunky disco bass line that sits on a solid four to the floor rhythm section while funky keys and bongos are added to give it that extra groove.

Thanks to Mike Fossati from Spirit Of House for the review ->

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Shane Johnson
Affiliations: Red FM, Fish Go Deep
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Not exactly my thing but this is a good, catchy song, very well produced.

DJ Name: j&m brothers
Affiliations: Good Stuff Recordings
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Hot tracks!

DJ Name: Andrea Pavlou
Affiliations: Golden Global Parties
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Nice !!!!!

DJ Name: Miss Luna
Affiliations: Ibiza Live Radio/ Miss Luna Music
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Actually both versions are great for me! Full support

DJ Name: Edground
Affiliations: Grooveland
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Both mixes are great. I will play.

DJ Name: Si Gordon
Affiliations: Mutated Muisc, Stereo Mutants
Favorite Mix: both
Comments: great track, will support

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Favorite Mix: Both
Comments: nice work lads….tasty release…groovy and soulful

DJ Name: Freddy Turner
Affiliations: international
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: This is the one for me Hot And Heavy Touch

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affiliations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Lovely, soulful, melodic grooves. Full support!

DJ Name: HUGO H.
Affiliations: SIRIUS/XM
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: I LOVE THIS TEMPO!!…Such a refreshing break. Without a doubt play on both versions! – HUGO H. (SIRIUS/XM)

DJ Name: Conor Smith
Affiliations: The Mygaff Radio Show / NRG FM
Favorite Mix: Both
Comments: Love both these mixes are smashing… Loving grooveboy’s dance floor groove, but also loving the end of summer afro sounds of the original… Winner Winner | chicken dinner 🙂 Will Play.

DJ Name: Christian Homan
Affiliations: RTE Pulse
Favorite Mix: Both mixes
Comments: Loving this, vocal is amazing. Impressed

DJ Name: DJ Cubanito
Affiliations: PNN FM – Fusion Radio – Salsamania Promotions
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: I like this track and will support it.

DJ Name: robert owens
Affiliations: World
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: Great track

DJ Name: Taher.A
Affiliations: M.E.S Morocco
Comments: Great guys keep it up !!

DJ Name: Michael Paterson
Affiliations: Limbo Records
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy
Comments: like this

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affiliations: Rapture Trax cyberjamz
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: real nice melodies

DJ Name: Pavel Svetlove
Affiliations: pavel svetlove
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: beautiful release!!!

DJ Name: Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Wonderful soul oozing deepalicious gem…

DJ Name: Jason Dee
Affiliations: Various
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy
Comments: Very nice, grown up House as always. Strong vocal and American standard style production!

DJ Name: Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart)
Affiliations: Universe Media/DCSTrax/Wiggly Worm Records)
Favorite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Feelin’ both mixes, very catchy vocal – super bad bass line

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affiliations: DJ – Producer – Percussionist – Artist
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: A really Gr8 uplifting song… !!!

DJ Name: Mikeytown
Affiliations: DIVE, SOULEIL-SD
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Both are great mixes, super sexy!! Keep on making GREAT Music Original is a breath of fresh air, loving the NuDisco feel. Many recent promos out there are a bit stale.