Release Date: 23rd July 2015
Catalogue Number: GBM031
Genre: Deep House / House



Italian production team Raffaello Bonaga & Lorenzo Ciampa collaborate on the latest Grooveboy Music release “The Way It Feels” it features four mixes that highlight the smooth sultry vocals of Shalini Varghese.

Each mix is pitch perfect for your summer dance floors and offers something different by way of mood and energy.

The Deep Mix as the name suggests is a deep moody interpretation which makes sparse use of the vocal over a backdrop of solid beats and bassline warm pads,funky synths and a trumpet riff.

The Dub Mix is a funky late night groover that again uses a key vocal phrase and spins it over a rolling synth, bass four to the floor beats, sparkling pads and synths.

The Funk Mix is a peak time funk bomb that uses infectious disco elements over pumping house beats. The track is guaranteed to raise the energy levels on most dancefloors.

The House Mix uses the vocals to full effect and adds some classic house rhythms and percussion, a funked up bassline, some bright keys and synths.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affiliations: DJ – Producer – Percussionist – Artist
Favorite Mix: Funk Mix
Comments: A good dance track packed with energy…Gr8 mixes… Lovin the Funk Mix

DJ Name: Edground
Affiliations: Grooveland
Favorite Mix: Deep Mix
Comments: Nice release. Deep is my fav.

DJ Name: Shalini
Affiliations: Grooveboy Music
Favorite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: Great tracks. 🙂

DJ Name: Fabio Tosti
Affiliations: –
Favorite Mix: Funk mix & deep mix
Comments: nice. support

DJ Name: Sammy W
Affiliations: CUFF
Favorite Mix: Deep
Comments: Will try, thanks!

DJ Name: DaSouL
Affiliations: Human’s Beat
Favorite Mix: Funk Mix
Comments: very nice work…support

DJ Name: Curtis Zack
Affiliations: DJ Times
Favorite Mix: Funk
Comments: FUnk mix is the best

DJ Name: Raffaello Bonaga
Affiliations: Hush Recordz (Portugal)
Favorite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: bomb release ! 10/10