Release Date: 1st January 2014
Catalogue Number: GBM021
Genre: Soulful House / Deep House



After a number of well received remix projects Grooveboy make a welcome return to their own label with an original track. “I’ll Be Good” is a jazz infused groover that is packed full of deep soulful goodness. The Sunchasers AKA Scott Watson turns in a quality piano driven deep house remix that has a classic timeless vibe.

Grooveboy’s original is a gorgeous slice of mellow soulful deep house that uses subtle jazz elements to great effect. A solid rhythm section lays the foundation for some lush pads, funky guitar licks, an irresistible sax riff and a seductive soulful vocal chant.

The Sunchasers remix has all the high quality elements we’ve come to expect from this highly rated producer. It takes some key parts from the original and infuses them with some classic house music moves like shuffling New York style beats and an infectious piano motif to produce a track that just oozes dancefloor appeal.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Mygaff
Affiliations: Mygaff Radio
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: There both great mixes… Will both be getting a rinse 🙂

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affiliations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favorite Mix: The Sunchasers Mix
Comments: I love both these mixes and will get lots out of them. The keyboards in the Sunchasers Mix have got me playing air piano already! Amazing!

DJ Name: DJG
Affiliations: House of Praise, DJG in the Mix,
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Grooveboy keep hitting me with pure niceness

DJ Name: Edground
Affiliations: Grooveland
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: I will play

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Affiliations: RTE PULSE – Daily Mirror
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers Mix
Comments: FIYAH on the SUNCHASERS mix…LOVE it

DJ Name: Russell Ruckman
Affiliations: Soul Damn Funky
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Not much music doing it for me right now but I was very pleasantly surprised with this.

DJ Name: Malik Fulsoul
Affiliations: Sandisco Recordings/
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers
Comments: HOT HOT HOT!

DJ Name: Benji Candelario
Affiliations: World
Favorite Mix: original
Comments: good tune

DJ Name: Spiritual Blessings
Affiliations: GKF Records/SsRadio Uk/Motion FM/Groove City Radio
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Also orginal is very nice…..but the Piano on the second version make us really crazy!!! Support

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affiliations: DJ – Producer – Percussionist – Artist
Favorite Mix: The Sunchasers Mix
Comments: A gr8 deep house feel… well done

DJ Name: Michael Jason Grant
Affiliations: studio 35
Favorite Mix: The Sunchachasers MIx
Comments: I really like both mixes 🙂

DJ Name: J&M Brothers
Affiliations: Perception Music,Good Stuff Recordings,Salted Music
Favorite Mix: The Sunchasers remix
Comments: nice full suport!!

DJ Name: Vincent Kwok
Affiliations: Eight-Fifteen
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers mix
Comments: Really like the sunchasers mix, great old school piano feel

DJ Name: Mike Fossati
Affiliations: Spirit of House
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: What a beautiful truly entrancing deep’n’sexy jazz infused gem…

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affiliations: Pressure radio
Favorite Mix: both
Comments: love it

DJ Name: Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart)
Affiliations: Universe Media & DCSTrax
Favorite Mix: Both
Comments: 2 x stunning tracks for the dance floor, love them both, great work

DJ Name: DXD
Affiliations: house freaks radio
Favorite Mix: both,
Comments: Im loving the vibe on both tracks,they will be played on my wednesday nights show,and in future sets

DJ Name: Kev Kruz
Affiliations: Iklwa Bros.
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: nice flow- mellow goodness right here.

DJ Name: Mark Kavanagh
Affiliations: Irish Daily Star
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Quality tune and production guys. Plug in paper tomorrow

DJ Name: PhatFrank
Affiliations: MakinMoves / United Music
Favorite Mix: The sunchasers mix
Comments: Nice mix! thanks

DJ Name: LRB
Affiliations: Pacha London / Life festival
Favorite Mix: original
Comments: both tracks are great but original one for me old school house vibes

DJ Name: Lorenzo al Dino
Affiliations: Royal Plastic, Jockey Club Ibiza, Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, El Paradiso St. Moritz, Giardino Mountain St. Moritz, Lust & Leben Magazin ;
Favorite Mix: The Sunchasers mix
Comments: solid produced, deep and smooth, how we like !