Release Date: 19th March 2014
Catalogue Number: GBM023
Genre: House



Grooveboy make a welcome return to their own label with ”Everybody” an exquisite slice of Tech Soul. Featuring a stunning vocal performance from Antoinette. The track is bristling with the kind of Deep Dark undertones that are rocking dancefloors across the globe right now. The remix duties are handled with some style by K-Motion making this one of the labels strongest releases to date.

Grooveboy’s original mix takes Antoinette’s unmistakable souls drenched emotive vocals and twist them around a backing track that is equally emotional. Layers of dark pads and synths sit on top of deep driving beats and an intensely atmospheric bassline.

London based producer K-Motion takes a completely different approach to his remix of “Everybody” and serves up a mesmerizing slice of dancefloor bigness. The track is masterfully crafted with hypnotic keys and synths, layered rhythms and an irresistibly funky bassline.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Scott Whichello
Affiliations: Soulful Evolution
Favorite Mix: Free Original Mix
Comments: All 3 mixes are lovely! Free just edges it for me on the first listen. Full support!

DJ Name: Lorenzo al Dino
Affiliations: Royal Plastic, Jockey Club Ibiza, Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, El Paradiso St. Moritz, Giardino Mountain St. Moritz, Lust & Leben Magazin ;
Favorite Mix: The Sunchasers mix
Comments: well done, solid production, great remix.

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Nice deep bump to this

DJ Name: Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart)
Affiliations: Universe Media & DCSTrax
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers
Comments: Some gorgeous material to set the mood, nice work

DJ Name: Mike Fossati
Affiliations: Spirit of House
Favorite Mix: Love one (Original Mix)
Comments: What a marvelous dreamy gem oozing with gorgeous melodies and gentle rhythms…

DJ Name: Glenn Thornton
Affiliations: SSradiouk.cpm &
Favorite Mix: Love One (Sunchasers)
Comments: Support on my shows

DJ Name: Big Logan
Affiliations: Aqua Sol recordings,,,
Favorite Mix: Jay Ceel Free
Comments: I’m really feeling the Jay Ceel Free, Hot track that will definitely get put on my rotation of hits. great job. Dj Big Logan (Jersey Soul)

DJ Name: Sammy Rock
Affiliations: Cyberjamz Radio
Favorite Mix: Jay Cee – Original Mix
Comments: JayCeel goes all out with this lovely vocal piece. On point !

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affiliations: DJ – Producer – Percussionist – Artist
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: gr8 dance beat.. digging the vocal…

DJ Name: Edground
Affiliations: Grooveland Music
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice groove. Full support.

DJ Name: J&M Brothers
Affiliations: Good Stuff Recordings,Salted Music
Favorite Mix: Love One (Original Mix)
Comments: Nice ep!

DJ Name: Dj Alexia
Affiliations: Suppercub , Plaza Records Radio
Favorite Mix: Free
Comments: Full Support! both Radio show and clubs

DJ Name: Robert Owens
Affiliations: World
Favorite Mix: Love One original
Comments: Great track

DJ Name: malik fulsoul
Affiliations: sandisco recordings/
Favorite Mix: Free
Comments: Yep, Free…Big Tune!

DJ Name: Freddy Turner
Affiliations: International
Favorite Mix: Love One original
Comments: Dope Authentic Chicago House JayCeel trying to get funky with me… love

DJ Name: Vincent Kwok
Affiliations: Eight-Fifteen
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers mix
Comments: Really loving the Sunchasers mix!

DJ Name: Mikeytown
Affiliations: DIVE, SOULEIL-SD,
Favorite Mix: Sunchasers
Comments: DEEP, but VERY Soulful!! :)) Simple but very moving keys to boost the vocals. Surprised me with Sax…super sexy!! All 3 are going in my ”Panty Wetter” folder of my playlists

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affiliations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favorite Mix: Love One (Original)
Comments: I picked out a favourite but in truth all three tracks work very nicely. Loving the 90s vibes!

DJ Name: Alan O’ Malley
Affiliations: RTE Pulse
Favorite Mix: Original
Comments: Great package good signing to the label. ’Love One’ is my fave.

Affiliations: KARAVAN
Comments: downloading..

DJ Name: Kev Kruz
Affiliations: Iklwa Bros
Favorite Mix: Free (Original Mix)
Comments: Nice package! Loving all of the mixes!

DJ Name: Rasmus Faber
Affiliations: Farplane Records
Favorite Mix: The sunchasers Mix
Comments: Downloading for Rasmus Faber

DJ Name: Spiritual Blessings
Affiliations: GKF Records/SsRadio Uk/Motion FM/Groove City Radio
Favorite Mix: Love One (The Sunchasers Mix)
Comments: In love since the first few seconds… Love One (Original Mix) is very nice but also the Sunchasers remix is good, here the bassline touch our soul. Free: yes, another well done track. Deep inside! 8/10 Will play all tracks. Thanks and all the best!

DJ Name: Housecat
Affiliations: Cyberjamz Internet Radio
Favorite Mix: The Sunchasers Mix
Comments: Love the jazzy and funky feel of this remix, can’t wait to include it in my next set!

DJ Name: DaSouL
Affiliations: humans beat collective
Favorite Mix: the sunchasers mix
Comments: Very nice work