GBM034 Marco Zappala - You Can Have It All
Release Date: 12th December 2016
Catalogue Number: GBM034
Genre: Deep House



Brazilian DJ/Producer Marco Zappala has been making and playing dance music on the Brazilian scene for over 20 years and he brings all that experience to the fore with You Can Have It All which is a heavenly piece of Deep Soulful House. Grooveboy complete the release with a remix that subtly adds some bump and hustle to the original.

The original conjures up memories of a carefree summer day. Lush pads and synths underscore some gorgeous piano motifs and when the vocalist says you can have it all you know it’s true.

Grooveboys remix stays true to the vibe of the original taking some of its key elements of and adding some shuffling beat and percussion .

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Neil Brown
Affiliations: Shortvehicle / Upfront Charts UK
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Terrific groove-led sounds.

DJ Name: Big Logan (Jersey Soul)
Affiliations: Jersey Soul / Aqua Sol recordings
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Very smooth track, In full support on this one, keep up the great work Marco Zappala

DJ Name: Bernardo Garcia
Affiliations: Radio Station
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: I like all versions

DJ Name: Lorenzo al Dino
Affiliations: Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Beach Club Formentera, Ibiza Private Radio, Lust & Leben Magazi
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Well done !

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affiliations: 212 Leeds Rapture Trax
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Love it, so soulful

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Affiliations: RTE PULSE /PYG
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: GB mix is very tasty

DJ Name: Vincent Kwok
Affiliations: Eight Fifteen Records
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Very smooth and jazzy.

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affiliations: JJazproJect, Indamixworldwide, Housebeat Radio
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Loving both versions but the lush arrangement of the Grooveboy Remix is currently shading it for me. Will definitely include on an upcoming Frisky Rhythms show.

DJ Name: Alan O’Malley
Affiliations: Shoreditch Radio
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Really feeling this release, so smooth and just hits the spot perfectly, looking forward to playing this on the show!!

DJ Name: Dj Mike Dominico
Affiliations: Muted Trax
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice vibe

DJ Name: Christian Homan
Affiliations: RTE / Various
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Two great mixes!

DJ Name: Edground
Affiliations: Brazilian Soul Crew / Grooveland
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Very nice release. I like the groove.

DJ Name: Glenn Davis
Affiliations: Dj / Friend
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Remix
Comments: Feeling this.. Very nice full support.