Release Date: 1st January 2013
Catalogue Number: GBM007
Genre: House / Deep House



The latest offering from Grooveboy Music is Grooveboy, Stronger and it features four top quality but very diverse mixes. The original is a piano driven mid tempo disco groover while the club mix is packed full of peak time bump and hustle. Christian Scott’s remix takes a deeper darker more moody approach and Miss Luna’s version stays true to the original but throws a large chunk of extra funk into the mix.

The original mix is a sundrenched hands in the air mid tempo disco groover that features sparkling pianos lush strings and funky beats while the lyrics push a positive message of self belief.

The club mix is Grooveboy’s most upfront house production to date. The track is bristling with attitude that should definitely get the crowds attention. Crisp shuffling beats fuse with a funky bassline then merge blissfully with some brassy keyboard chords and pads that perfectly underscore the gorgeous soulful vocals.

Christian Scott delivers a remix that brings us back to the days when dark tech driven sounds ruled New York dance floors in clubs like Twilo. The track starts and finishes with a funky break beat in between takes us on a relentless journey through deep edgy sounds.

Miss Luna’s Deep Ibiza Remix retains the essence of the original but pushes the funk levels to the max wirh a phat funky bassline and a subtle moog style keyboard riff.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: moodymanc
Affillitations: robbers, cheats, liars, junkies, thieves, lowlives, soundrels, bounders and cads…
Favourite Mix: all nice
Comments: these are all nice tracks…just not quite dirty enough for me tbh… all the best with them 🙂

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Favourite Mix: Grooveboys Club Mix
Comments: very strong package…Liking the Original and The Club Mix from Grooveboy. Antoinette again right on the money vocally

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affillitations: DJ ,Producer, Percussionist, Artist
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s Club Mix
Comments: good dance groove and gr8 vocals

DJ Name: Edground
Affillitations: Grooveland Music / Brazilian Soul Crew
Favourite Mix: Grooveboys Club Mix
Comments: I´m loving this groove and soulful vibes. Will play a lot.

DJ Name: Mike Dominico
Affillitations: Muted Trax
Favourite Mix: C.Scott Mix
Comments: diggin’ the tough beats

DJ Name: Mike Fossati
Affillitations: Spirit of House
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Club Mix
Comments: Can’t get enough of these uplifting funk drenched soulful sounds…

DJ Name: Neil Brown
Affillitations: shortvehicle
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s Club Mix
Comments: Yeah – now this is good. I will play this in the coming weeks.

DJ Name: Scott Whichello
Affillitations: Soulful Evolution
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s Club Mix
Comments: Excellent! Will be supporting on the show! All mixes are top!

DJ Name: Malc East
Affillitations: Phunky Rabbit Records/Placidic Dream
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s Club Mix
Comments: Great selection of mixes here. The club mix is rock solid dancefloor but i also really felt Luna’s Deep Ibiza Mix. Happy Days.

DJ Name: Kev Kruz
Affillitations: Mecca Digital Hi-Fi /Iklwa Bros
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Loving this package – nice variety, great track !

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affillitations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: I’ve been working my way through a large number of promos today and this has been by far the best. All three mixes have plenty to offer but it’s the origin al that I’ll be playing most often.

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affillitations: Pressure radio
Favourite Mix: Grooveboys club mix
Comments: Holy Sheeit Batman you done it again. I love this girls voice

DJ Name: Studio 35
Affillitations: heavy
Favourite Mix: Grrooveboy’s club mix
Comments: real nice

DJ Name: Marques Wyatt
Affillitations: Deep
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Tight!

DJ Name: helen ting
Affillitations: dj
Favourite Mix: Miss Luna’s deep ibiza
Comments: Niceeeee!!!

DJ Name: Lorenzo al Dino
Affillitations: Royal Plastic, Jockey Club Ibiza, Ibiza Radio One, Nassau Beach Club, Ocean Beach Club Ibiza, Lust & Leben Magazin;
Favourite Mix: C.Scott
Comments: C. Scott and Club mix (as well Original for the Lounge events) rules the package. Full support

DJ Name: Vincent Kwok
Affillitations: eight-fifteen recordings
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s Club Mix
Comments: The Grooveboy Club mix is hot!

DJ Name: Fabio Tosti
Affillitations: –
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s Club Mix
Comments: Nice track Fresh! 7/10

DJ Name: DJG
Affillitations: Off Tha Cuff Mixes
Favourite Mix: Grooveboys Club Mix
Comments: Really feeling the Grooveboys Club Mix the Bass line is phat love to hear this on a big system

DJ Name: JP Rigaud
Affillitations: DJ
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Very nice… will support