Release Date: 22nd January 2013
Catalogue Number: GBM009
Genre: Deep House



It’s back to the future for the next Grooveboy music release with a 2013 re- rub and remix of a track previously released on Oscar P’s Open Bar Music. Grooveboy Ain’t Gonna Stop features a beefed up version of the original and a Deep Tribal remix both of which will put the longing on you for some summertime beach bar action.

The original mix is a soul drenched Deep House groover that is positively overflowing with good time summer vibes. Warm deep filtered pads set the tone while conga led percussion and a funky baseline pushes the groove to the limit.

The 2013 remix take things in a much deeper direction and the same time gives a different perspective to Antoinette’s heart wrenching vocals . The track is based around deep tribal beats lush pads and some funky keyboard riffs.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Jason Dee
Affillitations: Various
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: LOVELY. Surely 2013 is the year Grooveboy get their deserved recognition. Another great tune that, by rights, should be in every Cafe Mambo set this Summer. Support!

DJ Name: Evan Landes (Groove Junkies)
Affillitations: MoreHouse
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Both mixes are very good. Hard to pick a fav. Nice one!

Affillitations: Soulshine recordings, Razanaprod, SOundmen On Wax
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s 2013 Re-rub
Comments: Full support Thanks for the promo

DJ Name: DaSouL
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Dope…
DJ Name: Spiritual Blessings
Affillitations: GKF Records/SsRadio Uk/Motion FM
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Very deep. Like this project. Will play. All the best.

DJ Name: Miss Luna
Affillitations: Miss Luna Music
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy´s 2013 Re-Rub
Comments: Deep and Soulful….I like both mixes ***support***

DJ Name: BK Duke
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy´s redub
Comments: will play it in my radioshow on

DJ Name: Robert Owens
Affillitations: world
Favourite Mix: original mix
Comments: cool tracks

DJ Name: Scott Watson
Affillitations: The Sunchasers
Favourite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: Big track for me. Love it.

DJ Name: Malc East
Affillitations: Phunky Rabbit Records/Placidic Dream
Favourite Mix: Grooveboys’s 2013 Re-rub
Comments: Really feeling both mixes and Antoinette’s chilled vocals are the icing on the cake. Full Support.

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affillitations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s 2013 Re-Rub
Comments: both mixes hitting the spot nicely. Will look for an opportunity to feature this in my January mixshow

DJ Name: Shane Johnson
Affillitations: Red FM/Fish Go Deep
Favourite Mix: 2013 Re-rub
Comments: Nice chunky rework that puts the vocal front and centre.

DJ Name: dj Alexia
Favourite Mix: ORIGINAL MIX

DJ Name: c&m productions
Affillitations: truehouse
Favourite Mix: 2012 re-rub
Comments: like it ! need more like this !

DJ Name: Big Logan
Favourite Mix: Loving the re-rub mix.
Comments: This is Soulful house at it’s best. Love the song and the full suppoert on this on. Grooveboy doing it big for the new years 2013. Big Logan (Jersey Soul).

DJ Name: Freddy Turner
Affillitations: international hooker
Favourite Mix: 2013 re-rub
Comments: Dope Right up my alley , and the mix ain’t no joke baby, good and punchy

DJ Name: DJ Myles
Affillitations: sandisco recordings
Favourite Mix: Grooveboys rerub
Comments: Nice vox … will definitely play.

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affillitations: DJ Producer Artist Remixer Percussionist
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy’s 2013 Re-rub
Comments: gr8 rhythm n smooth deep vocals… diggin da vibe

DJ Name: Sammy Rock
Affillitations: Cyberjamz Internet Radio & Records
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Wonderful release with lovely production work by Grooveboy.Top track !

DJ Name: Craig Stewart – Montana & Stewart
Affillitations: Universe Media & DCsTrax
Favourite Mix: 2013 Re-rub
Comments: Nice track lovin the pads and deepness…

DJ Name: Rob Hayes
Affillitations: Soulphusion/Swing City/Random Soul Recordings/Sounds Of The Booth/DaddyFunk 45/Reelgroove/Epoque Music and many others
Favourite Mix: 2013 Re-Rub
Comments: Deep and moody this , feelin it 8/10

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Favourite Mix: 2013 Re Rub
Comments: Played the Original when it dropped and liking the 2013 re rub

DJ Name: Marques Wyatt
Affillitations: Deep
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Tight!

DJ Name: malik fulsoul
Affillitations: sandisco recordings/image radio London
Favourite Mix: original
Comments: original bump still the one for me.

DJ Name: Christian Homan
Affillitations: RTE Pulse
Favourite Mix: 2013 ReRub
Comments: two great mixes here, opting for new rerub