Release Date: 18th December 2012
Catalogue Number: GBM006
Genre: Deep House



We here at Grooveboy Music are on a constant mission to bring you electronic music that is diverse and interesting and our latest release, Christian Scott Ft Rescue Poetix – Visions, fits perfectly into that philosophy. The Original and Dub Mixes are two devastating slices of funked up 303 driven House Music while the Grooveboy turn in a quality Deep Tribal House remix.

Original and Dub Mixes :

New York based producer Christian Scott takes a break from his very successful Deep Soulful House productions and serves up something a little bit different. The original mix starts off at a blistering pace as it weaves its way through Rescue Poetix’s positive message about the power of belief. The track is dominated by some phat 303 type sounds which when layered with a chiming arp and some crisp funky beats brings back warm memories of the glory days of Acid House. The Dub mix ramps up the “Acid” and the energy a notch and reduces the vocals to some sublime spaced out phrases.

Grooveboy Remix :

The Grooveboy remix takes things in a different direction and opts for a much deeper and moodier interpretation. The track is driven nicely by some deep tribal percussion and a bassline that fuse perfectly with the warm pads and funky synth riffs.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Shane Johnson
Affillitations: Fish Go Deep
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Not too keen on the vocal I’m afraid.

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affillitations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: This is a real grower and sounds better the longer you keep listening. In an age of disposable music, here’s something that might just hold your attention f or a little longer.

Affillitations: DJ_KIK (Univers DJ / Soulful Meeting / Paris-One Deeper / Emergence FM / SoulHeat Records / Cabana Recordings / Open Bar Music / Mercado Paralelo Music / Houseadiction / Groove Session Radios Shows)
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Best version for me and will be on Groove Session Radioshows soon ! DJ_KIK

DJ Name: Spiritual Blessings
Affillitations: GKF Records/SsRadio Uk
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Nice work. Will play. Thanks

DJ Name: Miloe
Affillitations: /
Favourite Mix: C.Scott Dub
Comments: This will work well in the live sets, Thanks

DJ Name: DaSouL
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Wonderful release,my favorite track is original.

DJ Name: Bernardo Garcia
Affillitations: Div. Clubs
Favourite Mix: dub mix
Comments: My full support

DJ Name: Ed Marco
Affillitations: Fiasco Events /CHFM
Favourite Mix: C. Scott Dub
Comments: Quality release, will be dropping for sure! Thanks for sending.

DJ Name: Doc Link
Affillitations: Liberate Recordings/Dub Kollectiv Recordings/Modulate Goes Digital
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Solid Release!!! Solid vocal/Solid production throughout! Thanks

DJ Name: Lou Gorbea
Affillitations: Dj/Producer
Favourite Mix: Original and Dub
Comments: Minimal but powerful tracks

DJ Name: patrick bo
Affillitations: waking monster, soul45
Favourite Mix: c.scott DUB
Comments: Thanks for this one. great release.. still a touch of deeep soul* dig the Dub best – great hi hat games 😉 p

DJ Name: Mr.Black
Affillitations: Monezuma
Favourite Mix: Vision (Original)
Comments: Great track beautiful Work

DJ Name: Seb Skalski
Affillitations: Purple Music , SpekuLLa Reocrds
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy
Comments: Grooveboy mix for me thnx !!

DJ Name: Vital Mining
Affillitations: PlayFM
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy Mix
Comments: Very crisp productions. Top end clear and well mixed, nice balance. In original like the subtle analogue synth and its variety later in the track. Don’t feel much of a difference bet ween original and Scott Dub. Not being biased but favourite here is Grooveboy mix, bass lines are standout, and a lot more interesting to listen to. Thanks for the promo.

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affillitations: DJ Producer Artist Remixer Percussionist
Favourite Mix: C Scott Dub
Comments: Like the energy yet deeper vibe… gr8 job on all mixes

DJ Name: DJ Cubanito
Affillitations:, Pantera Radio, Club Pride, Paco Joes, Azul Lounge, Salsamanania Record Pool
Favourite Mix: original
Comments: I like it.

DJ Name: Big Logan
Favourite Mix: I love the original mix.
Comments: Love this tune right here. great job Resque Poetix. Will definately have this release in my rotation.Big Log an (Jersey Soul)

DJ Name: Taher.A
Affillitations: M.E.S
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: keep it up

DJ Name: Christian Homan
Affillitations: RTE Pulse
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: 3 nice mixes here, GB mix pipping others

DJ Name: Studio 35
Affillitations: daycent visuals
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: nice

DJ Name: Marques Wyatt
Affillitations: Deep-LA
Favourite Mix: Dub
Comments: Tight!

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affillitations: Rapture trax
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: Nice deepness from Rescue Poetix and yourselves

DJ Name: Robert Owens
Affillitations: World
Favourite Mix: Grooveboy mix
Comments: great message

DJ Name: Freddy Turner
Affillitations: International Hower
Favourite Mix: original
Comments: phat tune

DJ Name: Edground
Affillitations: Brazilian Soul Crew / Grooveland Music
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Perfect for my mixes, parties and show.