Release Date: 13th November 2012
Catalogue Number: GBM005
Genre: Soulful House / Deep House



Deep Sexy and soulful three words that perfectly describe the latest offering from Grooveboy. The release boasts three quality versions of Rise, two from Grooveboy and the other from The Sunchaser’s, all of which demand your attention. If you like your house music smooth with a twist of funk then we suggest you take a listen.

Grooveboy’s original mix pushes the funk factor to the front to create an irresistible bar groover. Classic deep house percussion key stabs and a rumbling bassline combine with a beautifully understated soul drenched vocal to create some dance floor magic.

Grooveboy Dub mix isn’t strictly a dub in the classic sense as it cleverly pushes the vocal harmonies to the fore and along with some cool pads, shuffling beats and an infectious synth riff create a much smoother more atmospheric take on the original.

DJ\Producer, Scott Watson aka The Suncahser’s brings a touch of class to their remix of Rise. Crisp tight beats warm pads and filtered stabs all fuse together perfectly to highlight the pure emotion of the vocal.

Release Feedback :

DJ Name: Shane Johnson
Affillitations: Fish Go Deep
Favourite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: Nice production and vocal. Dub is cool.

DJ Name: Parrish James
Affillitations: independent – global dj/producer/remixer
Favourite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: the Dub has a cool vibe for sure.

DJ Name: Edground
Affillitations: Brazilian Soul Crew
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: This is great track. I loved this groove.

Affillitations: Razanaprod – Soundmen on Wax – Poji
Favourite Mix: The sunchaser’s mix
Comments: Nice groove here, Support ! Melchyor A

DJ Name: Benji Candelario
Affillitations: World
Favourite Mix: Rise Original
Comments: Good tune!! Thx U!

DJ Name: Dj Alexia
Affillitations: supperclub
Favourite Mix: dub
Comments: Very cool soulful house… mos def Support! DjAlexia.

DJ Name: Dean Serafini
Affillitations: JJazproJect & Indamixworldwide
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: This one has put a great big smile on my face – loving the laid back soulful grooves.

DJ Name: Dj Paulo Leite
Affillitations: Leite
Favourite Mix: The Sunchaser’s Mix
Comments: Nice package …

DJ Name: Simon – DSA
Affillitations: Volcano Radio / Pulzar FM / 0Fm
Favourite Mix: original
Comments: More great beats will get this in the radio mix for next week.. Thanks look forward to the next one

DJ Name: roog
Affillitations: dj
Favourite Mix: original
Comments: thanks!

DJ Name: Mike Fossati
Affillitations: Spirit of House
Favourite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: Enticing vocals combined with luscious melodies and mesmerizing rhythms are sure to jam-pack floors…

DJ Name: Scott Whichello
Affillitations: Soulful Evolution
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Excellent package! Full support in my show!

DJ Name: Miss Luna
Affillitations: Miss Luna Music
Favourite Mix: The Sunchaser´s Mix
Comments: actually all mixes are great. Full support!

DJ Name: robert owens
Affillitations: world
Favourite Mix: dub mix
Comments: cool track

DJ Name: Conor Mygaff
Affillitations: Mygaff Radio
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Each track is getting more & more house laden each release. I mean that in a good way. Will be putting this on my next podcast. This time next year you will be out of that stud io and well and truly on the road to being household names lads & lass. :)))

DJ Name: Del fortune
Affillitations: Play Fm
Favourite Mix: Original mix
Comments: Keep it up big fan of the work

DJ Name: Miloe
Affillitations: /
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice Soulful Track right there!

DJ Name: LooweeR
Affillitations: DJ,Producer,Percussionist,Artist
Favourite Mix: Dub
Comments: has an uplifting groove. positive smooth vocals

DJ Name: Russell Ruckman
Affillitations: Soul Damn Funky, Code South FM
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Really loving the vibe of this one, will go down well in local bars and on my radio show.

DJ Name: HUGO H.
Affillitations: Mixshow Director Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Radio Sirius/XM 98
Favourite Mix: Orig. Mix!
Comments: Orig. Mix!!! The Rawness will be moving the floor for sure. FULL SUPPORT!! I got a feeling…THIS ONE WILL RISE!! – H.

DJ Name: Doc Link
Affillitations: Liberate Recordings/ Dub Kollectiv Recordings
Favourite Mix: Dub Mix
Comments: Solid release!! feelin the dub for sure!!

DJ Name: Marques Wyatt
Affillitations: Deep-LA
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Dope

DJ Name: Mr.Black
Affillitations: Montezuma
Favourite Mix: (original mix
Comments: Beautiful Track , Thank

DJ Name: patrick bo
Affillitations: waking monster, soul45
Favourite Mix: sunchaser mix
Comments: thanks for this one, lovely vocal and nice mixes.

DJ Name: Paul Byrne
Affillitations: The Control Freakz
Favourite Mix: Original Mix
Comments: Nice and Funky, Summery Hopefully will bring Sunshine to people in Winter 🙂

DJ Name: Jason Dee
Affillitations: RTE Pulse, various clubs
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Best Grooveboy yet. Sexy, sexy grown up House music. Full radio show support

DJ Name: Phil Hooton
Affillitations: Rapture trax
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: love all 3 mixes great job!!!

DJ Name: Christian Homan
Affillitations: RTE Pulse
Favourite Mix: Original mix
Comments: Really nice track as always from this outift… tight production with an always on form vocal… win win!

DJ Name: Studio 35
Affillitations: 🙂
Favourite Mix: Original
Comments: Love it . . .

DJ Name: Niall Redmond
Favourite Mix: Original Mx
Comments: The Original Mix is the one for me…Antoinette smashing this one to bits and it’s got big energy

DJ Name: Lorenzo al Dino
Affillitations: Jockey Club Ibiza, Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, Royal Plastic Label, Lust & Leben Magazin, int. dj sessions;
Favourite Mix: the sunchaser’s mix
Comments: well done !

DJ Name: Fabio Tosti
Affillitations: –
Favourite Mix: The Sunchaser’s Mix
Comments: Nice deep track. support

Affillitations: (Univers DJ / Events: Soulful Meeting / D.I.O.S / Radios: Paris-One Deeper / Emergence FM / Labels: Different Muziq SoulHeat Records / Cabana Recordings / Open Bar Music / Mercado Paralelo Music / Groupe: Houseadiction / Radios Shows: Groove Session)
Favourite Mix: All are wonderfull !
Comments: Yooooohhhhh, a wonderful soulful track like i love to play :o) On my radioshows for Groove Session ! Fully supported by DJ_KIK !

DJ Name: Alan O’ Malley
Affillitations: RTE Pulse
Favourite Mix: Sunchaser’s Mix
Comments: Lovely summer vibe, wtih the Sunchaser remix edgeing it for me, full support !!

DJ Name: Dj.Freddy Turner
Affillitations: International Hower
Favourite Mix: The Sunchaser’s Mix
Comments: Very Nice song dope track

DJ Name: big logan
Favourite Mix: feeling the sunchasers mix
Comments: this is a hot release, i started following you guys music since i heard the can’t stop release. love the production on your work. you have my full support, big logan (jersey soul)