Miss Luna & Dj Skatie
Original / The Sunchasers / Grooveboy Remix
GBM013 Grooveboy Music
Release Date – May 2013

GBM013- Miss Luna & Dj Skatie - Nothing Can Hurt You Now

Grooveboy Music get the summer party season into full swing with this release. Miss Luna & Dj Skatie – Nothing Can Hurt You Now has all the ingredients to make it a beach bar anthem. The original mix is a classy piece of smooth Soulful House while The Sunchasers and Grooveboy remixes take the energy levels up a notch while still keeping the tunes positive summery vibes.

DJProducer and star of Ibiza Global Radio Miss Luna teams up with Dj Skatie to bring you an original mix that is packed full of warm soulful summer grooves. Deep percussive beats provide a solid platform for some warm pads, mellow piano and a jazzy trumpet all the while the vocalist assures us that “nothing can hurt you now” with such conviction that you just have to believe it.

The Sunchasers AKA Scottish DJ/Producer Scott Watson takes a stripped approach to his remix and turns in a super cool Deep House master class. Solid four to the floor beats combine beautifully with some funky guitar licks, smooth pads, and a catchy synth riff to create a track that is guaranteed to keep the feet moving.

Grooveboy’s remix cranks the energy levels a bit and ads some hands in the air moments for their remix. Conga driven percussion merges effortlessly with a disco bass line, dramatic synth stabs, and a Balearic style riff to push the tunes positive message to the fore.