Live Live Ft. Girma – Around & Above
Includes Grooveboy Remix
GBM026 Grooveboy Music
Release Date – 8th September


Grooveboy Music continues their recent run of summer inspired tunes that are aimed at the seasons beach and poolside parties. Live Live feat Girma – Around & Above features an irresistibly catchy vocal that you just cannot get out of your head after only a few listens.

On the original and extended mixes Girma’s soaring soulful vocal takes centre stage perfectly supported by a backing track of funky broken beats and bass, jazzy rhodes. lush pads, and swirling arps.

The Grooveboy smooth disco style remix is a more dancefloor orientated affair that also pushes those vocals to the fore. The track is built around a chunky disco bass line that sits on a solid four to the floor rhythm section while funky keys and bongos are added to give it that extra groove.