Grooveboy – Rise
Grooveboy’s Original & Dub Mix
The Sunchasers Remix
GBM005 – Grooveboy Music
Release Date 23rd October 2012

GBM005 Grooveboy - Rise

Deep Sexy and soulful three words that perfectly describe the latest offering from Grooveboy. The release boasts three quality versions of Rise, two from Grooveboy and the other from The Sunchaser’s, all of which demand your attention. If you like your house music smooth with a twist of funk then we suggest you take a listen.

Grooveboy’s original mix pushes the funk factor to the front to create an irresistible bar groover. Classic deep house percussion key stabs and a rumbling bassline combine with a beautifully understated soul drenched vocal to create some dance floor magic.

Grooveboy Dub mix isn’t strictly a dub in the classic sense as it cleverly pushes the vocal harmonies to the fore and along with some cool pads, shuffling beats and an infectious synth riff create a much smoother more atmospheric take on the original.

DJProducer’s, Scott Watson & Luk Follin aka The Suncahser’s  brings a touch of class to their remix of Rise. Crisp tight beats warm pads and filtered stabs all fuse together perfectly to highlight the pure emotion of the vocal.