Grooveboy – Everybody
Includes K-Motion Remix
GBM023 Grooveboy Music
Release Date – 19th March


Grooveboy make a welcome return to their own label with  “Everybody” an exquisite slice of Tech Soul. Featuring a stunning vocal performance from Antoinette. The track is bristling with the kind of Deep Dark undertones that are rocking dancefloors across the globe right now. The remix duties are handled with some style by K-Motion making this one of the labels strongest releases to date.

Grooveboy’s original mix takes Antoinette’s unmistakable souls drenched emotive vocals and twist them around a backing track that is equally emotional. Layers of dark pads and synths sit on top of deep driving beats and an intensely atmospheric bassline.

London based producer K-Motion takes a completely different approach to his remix of “Everybody” and serves up a mesmerizing slice of dancefloor bigness. The track is masterfully crafted with hypnotic keys and synths, layered rhythms and an irresistibly funky bassline.