Charlotte Moss – You Get Depper
Includes Spooky O’Mansions Remix
GBM028 Grooveboy Music
Release Date –  15th December

GBM028 Charlotte Moss - You Get Deeper

Grooveboy Music’s latest release comes from London born Lanzarote based DJProducer Charlotte Moss. You Get Deeper is packed full of the deep house vibes that have been keeping clubbers glued to the dance floor of late. Dublin based producer Spooky O’Mansions brings the energy levels up a notch on his remix.

The original pulls of the neat trick of having an old skool feel while still sounding bang up to date. It all revolves around bouncy piano riff, some shuffling beats and a repetitive vocal chant.

The Spooky O’Mansions remix takes a more direct energetic route to the dancefloor while still retaining some key elements of the original.